What a difference 11 days can make, as the sun continues to shine.

An individualised garden area, separate from the main garden area, for one of the respite/assessment rooms has begun.  This will provide an outdoor therapeutic space for the person living there.

We start to have windows again and we gain a sense of the new home Weavers Lodge will become.

The ground works for the single storey extension that will become our lounge has gone down.

The ceiling or floor, depending on your perspective, has gone in after the internal stairs were removed.

Electrical sockets and fittings have been marked out in red, in preparation for the electricians and a complete re-wire of the home.

And finally a mystery that has us scratching our heads – we discovered a staff toilet in this space with only a water inlet for refilling the cistern but no waste pipe.  Unfortunately, the toilet was removed as part of the first clear out so we can’t check but we think it may have had a waster storage unit under it that required manually emptying.

Rest assured we value all our staff and the quality of support they will provide, so we will be making sure that as well as their own ensuite shower facility, they will have a fully functional toilet.